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Auditions and Parts

All campers will be expected to audition. Normally, auditions are held on the first day of camp. While we do have the children audition, we work very hard to provide a comfortable and encouraging environment for this event. If you have any questions about the audition process, or the parts available for a program, please contact our Artistic Director.

Parent Orientation

There will be orientation meetings for parents on the first day of the camps. We encourage all parents to attend the orientation meetings.


Dress Code

Please have your child wear loose, comfortable clothing each day. Pants, shorts and tee shirts are the most suitable, as the campers will be dancing and sometimes on the floor to assist with painting and/or building of sets. NO short skirts or dresses without shorts underneath – and NO sandals, please. Sneakers are perfect – and if your child has their own dance shoes, it is good to bring those along each day.


Allergies and Medications

If your child has allergies, please make a list of their allergies and give it to the registration and camp staff as soon as possible.

Also, it is strongly advised that you bring any necessary emergency medications, such as an epi-pen, each day and give that directly to the camp directors so that it can be used in the case of an emergency.


Meals and Beverages

Students are asked to bring their own lunch and several bottles of water and/or drinks each day. Lunch break can last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the schedule for that particular day.

19 comments on “Info”

  1. Nadia Reply

    Do you have to have a song prepared for auditions? And how can you prepare for the auditions? Also what is the auditions. Process like with Into the woods

  2. Mary Jane Gonzales Reply

    Is it free if not how much? I luv acting and I’m 11years old and i would luv too join the camp

    • admin Reply

      Dear Miss Gonzales:
      Our camp tuition is $460.00 for “Cinderella” and $550.00 for “Shrek” and “Into the Woods”. Look forward to seeing you on the stage!

    • TGS Reply

      Dear Mrs. Starr:
      We will be ready to announce our 2016 lineup this week. Unfortunately, the storm has intervened with mail delivery preventing our posting in a more timely fashion, but we have secured Lucketts for the youngest camp (first two weeks following last day of school) followed by location in western Loudoun (Woodgrove High) for the other two, three week camps.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

      Sallie Street

    • admin Reply

      Here is Our Amazing 2016 Program Lineup:
      Camp 1: Ages 7-11 – June 20 through July 1,
      …performing “Jungle Book KIDS!” at Lucketts Community Center
      Camp 2: Ages 11-17 – July 5 through July 22,
      …performing “Alice in Wonderland JR” at Woodgrove High School
      Camp 3: Ages 11-17 – July 25 through August 12,
      …performing “Willy Wonka JR” at Woodgrove High School

    • admin Reply

      Dear Mrs. Giessmann:
      The cost of “Jungle Book” is $460 and is handled through LCPS. The cost of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Willy Wonka” is $550.00. Thank you for your continued support of TGS!

    • admin Reply

      Both Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka Camps are $550.00 each. Thank you for your continued support of The Growing Stage!

  3. Denise Reply

    Can you please tell me how much the Alive in Wonderland and Willy Wonka camp will be? Thanks!

    • admin Reply

      Both Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka Camps are $550.00 each. Thank you for your continued support of The Growing Stage!

    • admin Reply

      Both Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka Camps are $550.00 each. Thank you for your continued support of The Growing Stage!

  4. admin Reply

    No formal auditions necessary as every camper is granted a role in our productions!

  5. Jennifer Kirk Reply

    My daughter is interested in being a part of the Willy Wonka show. The dates are listed for 2016. Are there camps this summer in 2017? I also left a voice mail message. My number is(703) 731-6051. Thank you so much.

    • admin Reply

      I’m sorry for the delay!
      Shows this year are “Life With Frog and Toad” and “Once on this Island”. Each run three weeks and begin June 19, 2017 for $550.00. The registration forms should list the accurate shows. Again, sorry for any confusion.

      Our Facebook page is far more current and we hope to soon do the same for our website

  6. Jennifer Kirk Reply

    What ages are they for? What are the specific dates? I don’t see the specific dates for 2017 and the details. The registration form says it was revised in 2014. That’s why I didn’t think these shows were this year. Thank you so much for getting back to me. Jennifer Kirk 703-731-6051.

    • admin Reply

      Our first camp, “A Year With Frog and Toad” begins June 19 for ages 7-13 and the second beginning July 10, “Once on this Island JR” is more for 11-17 years of age. Both camps run for three weeks and tuition is $550.00

  7. Cecilia G Reply

    Are you offering Summer camps in 2018 for 11-17? If so who is on the staff directing these camps and when, where and cost?

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